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Types of Cones

5°-57′ Paper Cones
These Cones are mainly used for winding single and multiple cotton yarn, synthetic yarn and twisters etc.

4°-20′ Paper Cones
Regular, nosed or plain point. These Cones are used in Two for one twisters, yarn doubling machine and for some special purpose.

3°-30′ Paper Cones
These Cones are used to wind Synthetic Spun yarn, rayon, nylon and other filament yarns for knitting or cradling.

3°-51′ Paper Cones
These Cones are used in Tyre Tuffed and carpet yarns of a heavy nature.

1°-51′ Paper Cones
These cones are used in winding the Jute Yarns which is basically used in making the heavy carpets.

Jumbo Paper Cones
It is used in filament and worsted yarn.

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