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Our Products Speaks, We Don’t

We manufacture all the available sized paper cones like 5°-57′ paper cone 4°-20′ paper cone and 3°-30′ paper cone and other special sizes. We hold a large stock of cones of various sizes. Outer finishes can be single or multi-colored paper, plain or printed.

We produce economical feasible paper cones which are so accurate in dimensions that ensure smooth and rapid yarn transfer with higher efficiency of Auto Corner and so that it could show high quality performance on high speed knitting and wrapping machines.
We also produce light weight paper cones which saves electricity costs and despite lower GSM paper being used in making them, retain its remarkable crushing strength resulting in more yarn per carrier thus reduced overall your packaging costs. Our cones can easily carry higher doff weight then other manufacturer’s cones so by using them you can reduce your packing cost per kg.

We make our Paper Cones with moisture repellent Paste so that it could withstand yarn conditioning upto extreme level and that it can tolerate high temperature during yarn conditioning and doesn’t loose its shape even in any humid conditioning.

We manufacture different kind of Paper Cones having various specification, which varies according to the applications.

Conicity: – 5°-57′, 4°-20′ 3°-30′, 1°-51′, 3°-51′ and Jumbo cones in 3°-30′ and 4°-20′ size.

5°-57′, 4°-20′ and 3°-30′ are the most popular sizes in textile industries use to wind up the yarn. Surface of the cones is depending upon the yarn winding application, tension at the traverse extreme pulls yarn towards the cone center, so we have to provide suitable surface finish like velvet finished paper cones and embossed finished paper cones.

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