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Customer satisfaction is 24 hours business strategy and to ensure it we remain committed to provide a better quality and as a manufacturer we operate well by the virtue of sound management and strict quality norms. To give on dot delivery we have a highly qualified production team which will minimize your inventory cost. We ensure you the best and excellent world class customer services to nurture a long lasting business relationship.

To assure continuity, the main aim is on a close and personal contact with all customers, worldwide. This is assured by technically qualified agents and staff, who are committed to working in harmony and close co-operation with customers.

Sunny Texcone India Pvt. Ltd.keeps itself updated with the latest trends taking place in the industry and endeavors to keep its products updated, in tune with the market standards. Paper cones, ideally used as packaging material of yarn have an exclusive role to play in the textile industry.

Of late, there has been a considerable change with regards to the size of the cones. The spinning mills are contemplating to shift from the common 5° 57′ paper cones to 4° 20′ and 3° 30′ paper cones. There are many advantages associated with the shifting procedure, some of which are enumerated below:

Increased weight carrying capacity
The latest cones are manufactured in such a manner that they can carry more off weight in the same volume.
Reduction in packaging cost
As a result of increase in the weight carrying capacity, each cone cone carries more yarn. Consequently, the number of required paper cones decreases, leading to a reduction in overall packing cost.
Light Weight
The 3° 30′ cones are more beneficial, as they are light-weight cones and can carry higher off weight.

The buyer has the choice of opting for the conditioning of cones. To further reduce the cost of paper cones, one may choose to leave it non-conditioned, after winding of yarn. A special paste, such as moisture repellant is used for manufacturing the cones, which are to be conditioned. The application of this paste ensures that the cone can tolerate the yarn conditioning i.e., high temperature steam, without any damage to it. A cheaper alternative to this paste can be used on the paper cones, where the yarn conditioning is not to be done. So the customer has option.

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