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Textile Paper Cones

  • 5-57' Paper Cones: These Cones are mainly used for winding single and multiple cotton yarn, synthetic yarn and twisters etc.
  • 4-20' Paper Cones: Regular, nosed or plain point. These Cones are used in Two for one twisters, yarn doubling machine and for some special purpose.
  • 3-30' Paper Cones: These Cones are used to wind Synthetic Spun yarn, rayon, nylon and other filament yarns for knitting or cradling.
  • 3-51' Paper Cones: These Cones are used in Tyre Tuffed and carpet yarns of a heavy nature.
  • 1-51' Paper Cones: These cones are used in winding the Jute Yarns which is basically used in making the heavy carpets.
  • Jumbo Paper Cones: It is used in filament and worsted yarn.
  • Printed Paper Cones: As per color and designs provided by our valued customers, we print cones accordingly. Cones color and style helps in identifying the type of yarn. The printing of our cones doesn't stain yarn during yarn conditioning.
  • Lycra Paper Cones : These paper cones are specially made for the top quality yarn which is light in weight and can carry heavy weight of yarn.
  • 9-15 Paper Cones: This cone has a differ diameter and it is basically used to carry only the light weight cotton yarn.
  • 1-51 Jumbo Paper Cones: This size of cones are mainly used by the spinning mills to carry the Synthetic Yarn and the Jute Yarn.
  • 3-30 Jumbo Paper Cones: These cones are widely used by our valuable clients to wind up the best quality Dyeing yarn.
  • 3-51 Jumbo Paper Cones: This paper cones is used to wind up some of the heavy yarn which is required by our valuable customers.


We have upgraded our company with the latest technology of machines to provide our customers better and timely delivery. Our latest machines produces light weight
Since Long we are the only manufacturer of best quality "Virgin Paper Cones" that can bear high yarn weight on a light weight paper cones with best C.S. in