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Process Of Manufacturing

We presents an exquisite range of printed and rich colored paper cones. Contradicting the earlier belief that manufacturing of paper cones is a non-technical process, we highlight all the technical processes, involved in the manufacture of paper cones.

  • Punching - In this initial process, the paper board is cut as per the size and conicity specifications of the client.
  • Printing - This process involves the details of color combinations and different designs to be used.
  • Embossing - In this process, plain paper patterns are converted into embossed style finishes.
  • Grinding - The upper surface of the cone is ground and then paste is applied.
  • Winding - Winding follows next at the spindles of the same conicity.
  • Finishing - In this process, the top portion of the cone starts curling whereby the top dia, bottom dia and lengthof the paper cones are set.
  • Velveting - The rough surfaces are given velveting by a 152 mm emery belt.
  • Flocking - In this process, flock powder is provided on the winding area of the cone.
  • Making bottom cuts - After velveting, bottom cuts to paper cones are given as per customers' request, in theform of V cut, U cut, Y cut & moon cut etc.
  • Weighing - This process follows the bottom cut. Before dispatching, the cones are weighed and the weighing range is maintained,as per clients' requirement.
  • Sorting - Sorting and packaging of paper cones starts, as soon as weighing ends.
  • Testing - Testing process follows next. An inspection is done where 5% samples are tested, in order to ensuregood quality.


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