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Velvet Finish

Velvet Finished paper cones, Flocked Finish paper cones and Embossed Finish paper cones. All paper cones can be manufactured in any kind surface finish.

Embossed Finish

Embossed Finished paper cones are used for coarse and lively yarn. Embossed surface provides extra resistance to yarn slippage. However, embossing surface is provided for medium count yarn and for the threads, where take off could be restricted by the above bold embossing surface. This surface holds winding to full length, yet permits free delivery to knitting or sewing machine.

Surface Finish

Surface Finished paper cones are ideal for fine cotton yarn and prevents damage to delicate filaments of synthetic fiber smoothly, without sloughing, hanging or brewing.

White Duplex Finish

White Duplex paper cones are made from white paper which is imported from various countries and is used to wind high quality yarn.

Lycra Finish

Lycra Finish paper cones is a light weight paper cone which can easily bear heavy weight of yarn.

Grooved Finish

This surface is to be given to the paper cones for use in tyre card tipped and carpet yarns of heavy nature.


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